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Foreign Services provides high-quality translations in a number of different areas, with working experience of over a decade. We are a versatile partner, capable of successfully handling translation projects of various levels of complexity in a variety of different specializations.

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Medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical firms need a translation company with experience in the field, with the skills and expertise to offer accurate, reliable translations in the required language. Since most of these documents are very technical and specialized, inaccurate translations may invalidate protocols and processes, jeopardize the certification of production facilities or even, in some cases, result in a threat for the life of patients. In such a regulated industry where competition is so fierce, our accurate translations help protect a key asset: your company’s reputation.

We provide translation services to the full range of market stakeholders including global companies, CROs and consulting firms. We specialize in the translation of medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and nutraceutical documents, including:

Batch Records
Case Report Forms (CRFs)
Clinical Study Protocols
Clinical Trial Reports
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificates
Informed Consent Forms/Documents (ICFs/ICDs)
Institutional Review Board/Independent Ethics Committee (IRB/IEC) Approvals and Correspondence
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
Medical Interviews
Packaging and Labeling
Patient and Clinician Education Materials
Product Monographs
Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) procedures
Regulatory Agency Forms
Scientific Articles
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPCs)
Training Material
User Manuals
Work Instructions



Today’s global energy market requires operators to manage complex portfolios of differentiated energy sources across several countries. Regulations in this sector are complex and relationships with customers must be transparent. For these reasons, enterprises must work in multiple scenarios, from protecting the environment and health of employees, to maximizing the efficiency of systems and facilities. These requirements involve the proper execution of procedures, which must be translated clearly and accurately. Moreover, innovative marketing campaigns are crucial to attract or retain an increasingly discerning clientele.

Thanks to our expertise, which covers a wide range of documents in the petroleum, oil, and gas sectors, as well as those related to solar, wind, and other alternative sources of energy, we can successfully support you in the translation of:

Advertising and marketing material
Health and safety manuals
IT documents
Legal documents
Technical, operating, and product manuals
Training material



Insurance is one of the most highly regulated businesses in the world. Today’s consolidation of the insurance industry has led companies to work in transnational markets with very different cultures and languages. The first step to gain the trust of a prospective customer is to provide clear information in a language they understand. This can only be done thanks to a quality translation. The clarity of the translation is likewise fundamental for contractual and in-house documentation. Poorly translated forms or contracts may generate a higher number of disputes and/or litigations. Training material or internal communications that are improperly translated can make the work of sales consultants or employees less effective. Both these consequences of inadequate translations may result in significant revenue loss for a company.

The following is a list of areas that we handle regularly for the insurance industry:

Claims and disputes
Company websites
Employment contracts
Internal and corporate communications
Legal disclaimers and contracts
Medical records
Property and tax forms



The law sector demands deep knowledge of the legal system in the country and/or the area the document refers to. Professional legal translators not only produce a faithful translation but they also use very specific terminology peculiar to the topic translated.

Our legal translation services are performed by subject-matter experts in a variety of document areas:

Business Law
Corporate law
Criminal Law
Employment Law
Family Law
Immigration Law
Personal Injury Law
Property Law



For manufacturers there is a constant need to tap into new markets. The high competition created by the rising powers in the economic field is shrinking profit margins; to guard against loss, manufacturers need to innovate constantly while communicating to clients what makes their products and processes different and better.

Our translation expertise in the manufacturing industry extends into:

Business contracts
Marketing material
Packaging and labeling
Process and Policy manuals
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Technical specifications
User manuals



The consumption of media and entertainment content is increasing exponentially, and the number of people able to access and buy content grows daily. There are great opportunities that must be seized quickly due to the brief lifecycle of products in this industry. In such a fast-paced environment, reputation is the most important asset for a company. Fast, accurate, reliable translations are a must: we are so convinced of this that we made it our motto!

Examples of the types of documents we translate include:

Advertising campaigns
Marketing materials
News and feature articles
Press releases
Video and audio materials



The network of religious organizations and institutions extends worldwide and includes churches, temples, monasteries, mosques, and other places of worship. Global outreach means providing documents in other languages for inspiration, educational purposes, and community reasons. Our translators are well acquainted with religious subject matters in all their nuances.

We offer sensitive religious translation services, including:

Books and manuscripts
Fundraising campaigns
Religious worship materials
Sacred texts
Websites and blogs



Gastronomy changes from country to country, and often from region to region. From a customer’s point of view, sitting at a restaurant table and feeling completely lost when faced with a list of unknown dishes can be frustrating. If the translation of these dishes is incomprehensible, you will make a bad impression and your customers may think you are unreliable. Moreover, even before food reaches the table, there are several documents that must be presented to certify food origin, ingredients used, staff certifications and qualifications, and other types of documents.

Our expert translations in the food and beverage industry cover a vast number of activities and materials:

Cleaning lists and procedures
Cookery books
Food preparation charts
Health and food safety checklists
Menus and food descriptions
Restaurant equipment



The transportation industry is experiencing a period of strong growth, thanks to globalization and the increasing number of online purchases. This increase means that more and more goods and services are being exchanged between countries and continents. To remain competitive, transportation operators must know how to deal with foreign as well as domestic business partners.

For these reasons, many transportation firms have invested in the accurate translation of:

Catalogues and brochures
Instructions for foreign subcontractors and their drivers
Insurance policies
Legal documents and reports
Logistics services
Training material and e-learning courses



Over the last century sports have developed from a group of pastimes to a professional industry that is still expanding. Players, teams, and sports events must be intelligently and passionately marketed to make full use of their potential. Fans are constantly looking for up-to-date news about their sport stars; sports enthusiasts are always willing to learn further technical details of the products they are buying or the training they are passionate about. Once you have carefully created informative, relevant, and unique content that differentiates your products from the competition, why would you kill the passion of your fans and clients with a poor translation?

We have experience in translating a broad range of professional, amateur, and recreational sports materials, including:

Indoor games and sports
Outdoor games and sports
Sports and fitness accessories/equipment
Sports medicine
Training and fitness programs



Travel and tourism are probably the most globalized industries today. Traveling has become more and more accessible. Tourists come from everywhere and are always eager to see charming places and new attractions. There are so many striking offers on the market that as an airline, a hotel, a car rental agency, or an online travel agency, you cannot miss the chance to convert your prospects into customers. Reaching your potential clients in their preferred language is by far the most effective way to increase your customer base consistently.

The variety of travel and tourism materials we translate includes:

Advertising and marketing materials
In-flight magazines
Insurance policies
Press releases and articles
Rental contracts and travel agreements
Reviews and testimonials
Travel brochures and guides
Tourist events